Más Tiempo at Drumsheds Merch 

- Developing the release strategy for an online archive drop before the live event
- Liasing with designers for the best printed results
- Negotiating and liasing with manufacturers for production of merchandise and promotional assets
- Overseeing the website build
- Devising the fulfillment process for worlwide orders
- Providing staff and merchandising the merch stall at the event

Más Tiempo Friends & Family Merch

- Developing relationships with suppliers and printers within London
- Utilising said relationships to manage 10-hour overnight turnarounds for printed merchandise


Más Tiempo at Koko Merch & Stage Visuals

- Utilising a network of manufacturers to ensure production of bulk units was delivered to the venue in time for the event
- Using printing experience and knowledge to create artwork with the designer that could skip sampling due to time pressures
- Designing and developing unique Stage Visuals for each artist
- Created 3D motion graphics that since been consistent in branding